Web Site Strategy and The Business Vision

2 ways to help bringing the vision back – get a piece of loose leaf paper, a pen and way to time yourself, go for a 20 minute walk and ask yourself where do I need to go with the business.  When you get back turn the timer and for 2 minutes and as fast as you can write everything you hope to accomplish, don’t just limit your ideas to the actual business, but how in achieving these goals will make your life better, nicer car, more time with the family, etc. Way 2 – remember back to a time before you started your business – recall all of the ideological thoughts – before you got in to the weeds with the day to day.

I used to think what offices where going to look like – who’s door I was going to knock on, when I first started I used to cold call customers from a Dunn and Brad Street purchased list. Now its deadlines, Artwork, Results, Customer Support- We are always so hyper focused on the strategic planning, modifying and upping the PPC program enhancing the web pages for SEO, liking, friending, tweeting, blogging and so on – take the time every few months and revisit your vision.



It Takes Both

Back in 2000 a nicely designed web site good inter linking and relevant content would ensure nice placement in the search engines – Today of course it is still important to have these things, but it is just not enough. Referrals are awesome, carrying you Bricks and Mortar Customers to you online business is also nice, but of course that is usually not enough justify the time cost and return. With the guidelines set down by Google organic placement has become a full time job per web site, also important to mention Google Guidelines change on a regular basis – so good organic placement is now a moving target.
For years our recommendations for start-ups, to build a Pay Per Click aka Ad Words, until the organic program takes effect – then back off on the Ad spending – but today you have to do both. – I present it this way – if you are an online business compare your cost to what it would cost to open a store in the town you live, rent, inventory, employees, utilities and a cash register – it is less expensive to compete on the internet as well as the audience potential is a whole lot larger. READY? http://www.webcolamedia.com/