GoDaddy Announces New Domains for Sale

Go Daddy announced that the will be opening up new extensions for domain names to be purchased. The extensions will come in the form of actual recognized words instead of .com, .net, .org etc – the announcement claims they will be opening the new extensions to the likes of .build, .construction, .contractors and .technology as well as 400 to 900 other ones coming in the next year. A new  coming soon is  .NYC – so as an example your new domain name can be Catering.NYC, other examples Mountain.Bike, Womens.Clothing – the list goes on.

From a marketing stand point – these extensions are brilliant – from a very simple point of view – if the name of your company is Valley Photography – your new domain can be Valley.Photography, how easy is that to say over the phone to a potential client, how easy is for a potential client to retain Valley.Photography over

But lastly what are the effects on Search Engine Optimization SEO – 2 key points the older the domain the better vs. a new domain – if a domain carries a keyword like the keyword Photography helps with organic listings.

Warning -Some online Marketing Companies are claiming these new domain are going to be an SEO game changer and are recommending folks buying up as much as they can to protect themselves from competitors and to plan for the marketing future of search engine placement .

Although jury is still out but Google techs are saying the algorithms will see it the same way as it sees a sub-domain,


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