Google Adwords Focus on Specific Service or Product

As a website services agency and coming from conventional advertising we as marketers we are always telling our clients to keep the message simple. If we are speaking with an electrician for example, and they are going to run an ad (mind you they are paying for it) so the tendency is to list every possible service imaginable with descriptions, photos of the fleet of trucks, Photo of Mary who answers the phones, maybe a photo the family dog – Read More



eCommerce and the future Bricks and Mortar (concept)

he future of bricks and mortar, I do not believe is all doom and gloom, the future is going to be different, like we started to discuss yesterday maybe retail stores will act as LIVE ecommerce website, image walking through a store choosing products, trying products blenders, portable pizza ovens, trying on different clothing, shoes, hats, scarves, etc. Defining the order on a tablet swipe your credit card -the order is placed from the stores website, and 2 days later your shopping sphere is on your door step.Read More