WebColaMedia on Instagram: “To All Our Friends In Business Who Did Not Spend 5 Million Dollars For A 30 Second Ad On the Super Bowl, Here Is A Thought, No Matter What…”

“To All Our Friends In Business Who Did Not Spend 5 Million Dollars For A 30 Second Ad On the Super…



Black Friday And Cyber Monday Shopping 2019

There is much discussion this morning about Macy’s and Kohls coming in lower than expected for Holiday Sales. Early on, Brick Retails were reporting higher than projected sales and were making predictions based on these Black Friday – Cyber Monday initial sales.


CNBC Stress Free Shopping For Retailers

A Great article from CNBC about stress-free shopping for retailers: article implements how to make this holiday shopping season easy and stress-free for the retailer’s customers. Most customers rely on their smartphones to simplify and enhance their shopping experiences. Customers want a stress-free shopping spree by implementing flexible systems and policies you’ll ensure that by having special offers on the mobile app. To know if you’re succeeding, have your customers fill out a review form to get feedback. Especially for the younger generation (Gen Z) desire physical retail 75 percent say they want to engage in-store shopping. Finally, making sure the payment for your customers is as flexible as possible. Options like mobile wallet tools, apple pay, mobile checkout, and having special offers for loyal customers will guarantee your customers are coming back every holiday season.